Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change Up the Contents of My Dish?

Sure you can! We cook everything from scratch. This means that we can adapt most plates to your liking. Our online ordering does a good job of this. If you have any special request though, you'll have to give us a jingle.

Do You Have Gluten Free Items?

Our tried and true, flavorful family receipes, were developed in the late 80's. Long before gluten free was even an option at most places! In order to adhere to these original flavor profiles, our regular soy sauce does have wheat in it. So that does narrow the gluten free options a bit! However, you can order your dish in our delicious white sauce, or our yummy yellow curry sauce, to make it gluten free.

Do You Deliver to My House or Business?

Maybe yes, maybe no? While we go 7 miles in one direction. We may only go 3 miles or so in another. Mainly it's all about being (well trying to be) as efficient as possible. This said. Please try and order via our online order system here . If it doesn't allow delivery to you. And or you are still not sure if we will deliver to you. Please call 512-456-0770 to find out your answer!

What Are Your Hours?

We are open Mon-Sat 11:00am - 2:30pm. Then we re-open @ 5:00pm - 9:00pm. Please go here: our location & hours for our location

What Times are Your Menus Available?

We offer our lunch specials are available 11:00 am - 2:30 pm. Our full menu is available all day, everyday.

Do you use MSG?

The short answer is, yes, we do use MSG. The long answers is, wjile we do use MSG in most of our products. If for some reason you would like to leave it out. We do have a few options to do so. It's best to contact your local store directly for these request.