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All About Us, Well Mostly... 

   Hello, my name is Brandon. I'm one of the co-owners of Woks it 2 U. Quite often you'll see my smiling face standing behind the cash register as you enter into our place. This is usually where a lot of people ask me, "How does a white guy get into the Chinese food business anyway?" 

     It all started with the help from my beloved wife Le (pronounced "Lei"). However, no one should ever forget the patriarch and matriarch Mr. & Mrs. "L". They are Le's parents. They were the ones who had a very successful Chinese food restaurant for over 25 years located on Riverside Dr. in Austin, TX. This is where Mr. L created and perfected his signature dishes that we still use today.

    Mr. L sold his original Chinese restaurant and retired in August of 2015. Upon his retirement his exact words were, "DO NOT open another restaurant!!!" As you can tell, being the good kids we are, we listened explicitly ... or not? Hey, anyone could understand that we just couldn't let the extraordinary flavor profiles Mr. L created for years fade off into the sunset. We're not the only ones who wanted them to hang around. Just ask the copious amounts of folks who drive all the way from the South side of Austin to Leander on a weekly basis just to eat Mr. L's signature dishes. Now that's saying something! 


     When we began our journey. Woks it 2 U was fortunate enough to have Mr. L by our side to get us started on the right path toward success. Mr. L has since re-retired and as he put it "I DON'T want to see the restaurant again!" Well I guess we should listen this time :-) ?!  Now it's up to us to continue his legacy and bring CRAZY GOOD Chinese food to the good peeps of Leander, TX! And maybe someday beyond the confines of our little town. 

     So now you know how the business got started. How did that crazy, albeit catchy name come about? We were all tossing around names for the biz. The usual ones arose "... Express", "... Dragon", "... Palace" etc. After a few tasty beverages and a couple nights of drinking, I mean thinking, the name Woks it 2 U was born! Honestly I'm glad we wrote the names down as we went along. Because I'm not 100% sure I would have remembered the name the next day, just saying! There you have it. All about us I guess?

     What's in store for Woks it 2 U going forward? To be perfectly honest there are some days that we don't even know which way is up and ultimately where we are headed. But what we do know is, we have a lot of support from our wonderful friends and family. Our devoted staff continues to make us who we are and what we are becoming. And we get to make some new friends along the way, everyday! They all are an integral part of the reason we're still in this business. Plus we'll strive to ensure the food will ALWAYS be tasty, fresh and on point! The service will always be with a smile! And even though we can't please everyone, we're gonna give it our ALL and at least try to do so. As we like to say "It's SERIOUSLY Good Chinese Food"! We hope to see you soon!




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